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Yunnan LongRun Winery Co.,Ltd.

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Name:Jackie Ms.
Address:3rd accessory floor, KunFang building, No.492 dongfengxilu road, Kunming, Yunnan, China.
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Yunnan LongRun Winery Co,. Ltd. is the filiale of the LongRun Group, preexistence is Yunnan YangLin Feijiu Winery which produces the 127-year history of YangLin Feijiu wine. It is the famous liquor production enterprises and provincial integrity unit of Yunnan Province. YangLin Feijiu wine is the famous history wines in Yunnan, and Yunnan top-ten wines. Its brew is derived from "Southern Yunnan Herbal Medicine" which is writed by the famous Ming Dynasty Yunnan drug experts, poet Lan Mao. In 1880, Yunnan Songming County Yanglin town brewery owner Chen Ding is according as "Water Liquor 18 Side" in "Southern Yunnan Herbal Medicine", created

?Yanglin Feijiu wine. Because of the unique quality, when YangLin Feijiu wine came out succession, it was very popular and was best selling. In 1956, Songming County Government established the Yunnan Yanglin Feijiu Winery which wholly works the production and sales of YangLin Feijiu wine, it is effectively to extend this brand. In 2004, LongRun Group purchased Yunnan Yanglin Feijiu Winery, set up Yunnan YangLin Feijiu Winery Co,. Ltd. and Yunnan LongRun Winery Co,. Ltd, produces and sales Yanglin Feijiu wine, Yunnan Green liquor series of products, to inject new vitality to YangLin Feijiu wine.??In 2004, LongRun Group according to the requirement of "Food Sanitation Law",rebuilt the enterprises workshop, equipment and environmental of former Yunnan Yanglin Feijiu winery, and introduced a large number of equipments, while strengthened management and retrained staffs. Currently, the winery annual production capacity has reached 5,000 tons, annual filling capacity has reached 10,000 tons, production has increased significantly. While spreading YangLin Feijiu wine hundred years of history and building Yanglin Feijiu brand value and the value of the humanities, adapting to the demands of market, LongRun Winery continuously strengthens product development, YangLin feijiu brand has been formed Yanglin Feijiu series, YangLin Qingjiu series, XiLiangYuan wine series and health wine series over 20 products. In addition to the market relies heavily on medium and low price products, the company has also introduced 20 years Green liquor high-end products -- "Yunnan Green" to meet different needs of consumer groups.?

?? In product marketing and promotion, LongRun Winery makes full use of Yanglin feijiu wine''s advantages of high visibility, affecting a wide range in Yunnan, to strengthen market and brand building, and solid market base in Yunnan. Meanwhile, to extend the sales network outside the province, at present, it has set up agency in Fujian, Henan, Guizhou and Qinghai.

? Contraposing future development of LongRun Winery, LongRun Group Directorate Chairman Dr. Jiao Jiali brings forward a concept of "Combinating traditional with modern, integrating cultural to health." LongRun Winery will use the advantages of biological resources in Yunnan, relies on LongRun Group''s advantages and advanced ideas in capital, management, new product development, marketing, to carry 100-years history, inosculates modern technology to make YangLin Feijiu wine bigger, stronger, makes Yanglin Feijiu wine,to become to the first green liquor brands of China, to contribute to the health industry.

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Yunnan LongRun Winery Co.,Ltd.  Address: 3rd accessory floor, KunFang building, No.492 dongfengxilu road, Kunming, Yunnan, China.
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